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"The anxiety freedom manual IS AMAZING. It has been very useful and the best thing about the book is that it is very clear. Unlike many other books I've read, the book you've written gives very clear instructions on what to do and the typesetting made the instructions very striking. Alright I have to say, I'm not good at expressing my emotions at all. But I want you to know that by writing this book, you have benefited anyone who has, or will be, fortunate enough to come across it. This book is just too useful and amazing to not be recognized as some established manual for patients with anxiety issues all around the world."


Emily Zhao

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Anxiety Freedom Manual

The number one comprehensive guide to overcoming anxiety, without the need for therapy, remembering confusing techniques or prescription medication.

Sleep Audio Music

Sufferers of anxiety often can't sleep that's why I am giving you hundreds of minutes of sleep audio music that you can put directly onto your phone or mp3 player to help you sleep.

Bonus Material

You will also get as part of the Anxiety Freedom Manual a free e-book on natural depression cures, A visualisation video, three healthy eating guide e-books and a time management e-book.
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$37 $27